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Come visit us and be our guest in our lovely B&B which has quaint comfortable rooms. Each room is uniquely designed in a boutique style. Continental and buffet breakfast options are available each morning in our dining room at the guest houseTo give you a more personalised service at breakfast, we would like you to choose breakfast between 8-9am or between 9-9:30am. We are more than happy to accommodate earlier breakfast for guests who have early starts.


Breakfast at The Old Bakery


Buffet –a selection of toast, jams, fresh fruit, yoghurts, pastries, homemade pancakes, fruit juices and cereals. Porridge is available on request and will be made for you.


Cooked Breakfast - please choose from

  • Eggs - scrambled, poached, fried or boiled

  • Fish

  • Sausages, black pudding, haggis, bacon

  • Tomatoes, mushrooms, beans


Hot Beverages- Coffee by the pot and a selection of teas are available, breakfast, green tea and fruit teas.

Heather: +44 7584253231 / Colin: +44 7787355008 / Evening Number: +44 1571844257

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